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CustomNeon Signs


  • live music neon sign

    Live Music Neon Sign

    £150.00 £970.00
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  • the world is yours neon sign

    The World is Yours Neon Sign

    £250.00 £500.00
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  • Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

    £190.00 £970.00
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  • on air neon sign

    On Air Neon Sign

    £150.00 £970.00
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  • you are like really pretty neon sign

    You’re Like Really Pretty Neon Sign

    £190.00 £970.00
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  • lets party neon sign

    Let’s Party Neon Sign

    £150.00 £970.00
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  • 'til death neon sign

    ‘Til Death Neon Sign

    £150.00 £970.00
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  • happy birthday neon sign

    Happy Birthday Neon Sign

    £190.00 £970.00
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At YEO Neon UK, we create custom neon signs and we manufacture gorgeous LED neon lights.

Neon lights not just for home

Boost the vibe for your home, salon, wedding, or even workplace with our premium handmade LED neon signs. We can make

  • Logo/Symbol
  • Your favourite quote
  • Name
  • Shape
  • And more

Neon lights for business

Businesses that need to attract as much attention as possible and the neon light is the best investment you will make. Not just on the outside as signs it can also be used inside coffee shops, beauty salons, bars and restaurants, barber shops, nightclubs and even gym or yoga studios. Even if you are an youtuber, add a neon light in your name/logo to the background of your recording studio will make it more memorable.

Modern LED Neon Lights

Much better than the traditional neon lights, LEDs are much more reliable and long lasting. With average lifespan of 50,000 hours, it rarely fail. It is also more energy efficient. 

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How is the neon light powered?

Most of our LED Neon lights come with a 12V power supply and plug into the wall socket. It’s pretty much plug and play. Depending on the size and design, we can also make it powered by 5V USB or by a battery pack.

Do I need an electrician to install my sign?

Our signs for home indoor use is pretty much plug and play. Simply mount it on the wall with the mounting kit and connect with the power supply provided and then plug the normal mains plug to the wall socket. For external use or if re-wiring is needed, it must be done by a qualified electrician for specialist installation.

Is it energy efficient?

The light source of our neon is made from LED, and most of them are less than 100W and depending on the design and size some of them are even less than 50w which is just the wattage of a single halogen light bulb. It can be up to 10 times more energy efficient than the traditional glass tube based neon.  

What colour to buy?

It’s really subjective but based on our sales about 70% choose pink colour and 10-20% choose sky blue or dark blue colours. 


How is your custom neon sign made?

Our sign is handmade based on your design with bendable LED Light source fixed in the pre-cut groove of acrylic sheet. The lines of LED neon flex are soldered and joining each other with very thin electric wires. You can hand draw your design or simply use a computer graphic software to generate a jpg file and we will make the neon light based on this design.  We pride ourselves on making custom neon signs cheap and affordable. 

Types of neon

There are two types of neon on the market, LED Neon and glass tube neon. We recommend LED Neon sign because it is much safer, longer lasting and cheaper and costs less to run.

How can I mount the sign on the wall?

There are holes on the acrylic backing for all our signs. For wall mounting, we recommend using our wall mounting kit included in the package. We don’t recommend 3M picture hanging strips as it’s not as sturdy and the heat generated by the light could cause it loose and may lead to falling. 

For more questions and answers please visit FAQs page

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