Safety guide on LED Neon Signs

Please note this article is for LED Neon signs only, not for glass neons. Use these LED neon lights safely by the following guidelines:

Electrical Safety
Keep in mind that when you purchase a custom LED neon sign or any other related product, to comply with electrical code requirements for your location it must be installed by a licensed/qualified electrician.

LED signs might remain electrically live for a while even after they have been unplugged from their power source and this can be up to 10 minutes. Make sure the light on the power supply is off before handling the sign.

When handling LED signs you don’t need to wear gloves as advised for traditional glass neon! Just make sure it is unplugged when you are handling them.

It should not be left on if the light does not work when switched on or flashes intermittently as this may potentially pose a fire hazard. Do not use it if it gets wet, has been dropped or damaged in any way to avoid serious electric shock from faulty internal circuit boards.

Water or wet?

LED Neon are considered safe for indoor use, even outdoors provided they are not exposed to moisture, water or excessive heat. However, they contains enough voltage that they could still cause injury if mishandled. The Light Tubes should not be touched with wet hands. And it must not be touched when powered on or plugged in.

It  must only be used with an LED power supply unit that matches the wattage rating of the sign. Never replace the power supply that comes in the package. Contact the supplier if the signs are not working

They are fitted with electronic/electrical components so never touch the internal components of a LED neon lighting system while it is powered on or plugged in. Never repair it yourself and it must be done by qualified electricians.

It must not be submerged in water and if it get wet then unplug them before drying them carefully with a soft dry cloth.

Dimmers or controllers

It must not be connected to dimmers or controllers that is not included in the original package.

Children or pets safe?

They are generally safe to use but it’s still good practice to keep them away from flammable materials and areas where children may play with them. Also keep them out of reach of pets, especially dogs who love chewing on things when you’re not looking!

Always make sure that the power connectors are correctly inserted into the main unit before switching on.

The sign should not be exposed to wet conditions as this may also cause a short circuit and possibly an electric shock hazard.

It should not be connected to other power supplies because it will damage the light and potentially harm the user. And even worse it could cause fire.

It should not leave any connections exposed as this may pose an electric shock or safety hazard.

If your light goes off unexpectedly during use you should check the connectors firstly as they may have become loose from movement of the neon light or power supplies. If you notice any flickering of the  sign then please contact us immediately. This will indicate that there may be an issue with the circuit board  which may require service or replacement

LED Neon Signs are flammable, so you should always ensure that they are away from heat or fire and switched off when not in use.

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